My Uncle was the lucky winner of a pale blue SnugSheet that Kerry Pierson was giving away on TVNZ’s Good Morning program. He entered the competition for my daughter Aimee Grace who is nine months old and a little escape artist, who loves climbing! I didn´t like the way she was always standing up in her cot and it would not have taken long before she climbed right out. I was very pleased to receive the SnugSheet. It has given my husband and I a more restful sleep knowing our darling baby daughter is safe in her bed and knowing she will keep warm during the night because she is kept covered up and she can no longer undo her pyjamas either! The SnugSheet is an awesome idea - thank you so much. I have enclosed a photo of Aimee Grace happy in her SnugSheet ready to go to sleep.

Rae Cook
Dallington, Christchurch, New Zealand