I wanted to let you know just how much we all love SnugSheet. Attached is a picture of Kiera looking happy in her bed. I have now been using the Snugsheet for over a month and think it is by far the best investment made. From the first day we used it Kiera slept all night for the first time, I have used it in the caravan, on a bunk bed in a cabin and at home and it is so easy compared with having to take a port-a-cot. Yesterday I made the mistake of washing both my SnugSheets and forgot to hang them out. When I got home late and realized I had no SnugSheet to make Kiera´s bed I had to do without, as a result Kiera woke at 3am and then again at 6.30am. Her normal routine since being in the snugsheet is 9.30pm right through to 8am. Without a SnugSheet she had kicked off all the blankets and was cold. I now have the SnugSheet back on the bed.

Lisa, Kieran and Kiera
Central Otago, New Zealand