SnugSheet has been brilliant. We started to use it just as Lucy began moving around in her cot and waking up several times a night with her arms or legs through the bars, or her head bumped up at the top. After having had a great baby who slept through the night from quite early on it was a bit of a rude awakening for us (selfish parents who need their sleep!) We tried using a Safe-T-Sleep but found that she was fighting it more than sleeping peacefully. From the first night using the SnugSheet we had our sleep-through-the-night girl back again! It has been great for travelling, both in a portacot and on a single bed, and means that where ever she sleeps (day care, nana's place, in a tent over the summer) she has something familiar around her. It was also wonderful when she started to stand - I heard plenty of stories from friends of sleepless nights because of babies trying out their new legs at night - but our little girl had no problems having learned that bed is a place to lie down and go to sleep. I have recommended it to lots of people with great results for them too, and it remains one of my best baby buys to date.

New Zealand