These are the third and fourth SnugSheets I have bought for my son. We adore them, our lives are so much simpler than those of our friends who have endless sleep issues and port-a-cot hassles. At five months Zac came to Australia with me, SnugSheet on board. No port-a-cot, no worries, he slept just as he would have at home because his ´bed´ was just the same. His blankets never come off and he happily rolls around and comfortably re-settles. I don´t know how you came up with your product but it is brilliantly designed! Well done! I love your product and service. I recommend you to every new mum I meet! Thanks for all our hours of happy sleep. If only SnugSheet had been around when our first was a baby! Number two is a very lucky boy indeed.

Auckland, New Zealand