SnugSheet™ is currently available in cot size, which fits babies aged approximately 6 months to 30 months. This is a guideline as it depends on the individual baby’s size.

As a general guide measure your baby around the chest under the arms – At the widest part of the chest. This is the most important measurement with regards the fitted bodice. It does not matter how long/tall your baby is.

The maximum chest measurement that will fit comfortably is 67 cm or 26 inches.

SnugSheet™ is designed to fit an American size cot,



SnugSheet™ is currently available in WHITE COT SIZE ONLY.


SnugSheet™ is made from soft, slightly stretchy cotton jersey, with a strong and durable front zip.



It is useful to have two SnugSheet™s so you can wash one whilst the other is in use.

  • Wash in warm or cold water only
  • Avoid drying in a clothes dryer as it reduces longevity of the elastic
  • After removing your SnugSheet™ to wash, re-tie the fastening strap so the ends do not retract during washing