SnugSheet™ Concept

Snug Sheet works because your child is very gently prevented from doing many of the things that wake babies up without us realising why they are waking.

SnugSheet™ combines a standard single bed sized, stretchy fitted base sheet with a sewn in baby sleeping bag (or gro bag) portion that includes a zip up bodice.

SnugSheet™ replaces both the normal sheets (top and bottom) on a bed. It fits over the mattress just like a normal fitted sheet.

Its soft, warm and comfortable and the child has a fair degree of freedom of movement and can sleep in a comfortable position of their choosing.

The child is held securely in place in the bed by the bodice so SnugSheet™ does help prevent smaller babies rolling onto their tummies and from creeping down in the bed and ending up under any other covers.

It also has some of the benefits of swaddling in that the child feels secure and ‘held’ – this is one of the reasons baby sleeping bags in general are effective.


  • Younger babies (up to about 9 months) are limited in their ability to turn over onto their stomachs (back or side sleeping is recommended by SIDS NZ).
  • The fitted bodice prevents babies ‘creeping’ or wriggling down under any additional covers thereby reducing the risk of suffocation and overheating. In an ordinary sleeping bag it is still quite possible for the child to wriggle down and end up under covers.
  • Older babies can, as they gain upper body strength, sit up and turn onto their sides to find their most comfortable sleeping position.
  • SnugSheet™ is a great way to transition a baby safely from a cot to a bed.
  • Babies are prevented from falling out of bed or climbing out (toddlers).
  • Getting cold due to kicking off covers is a common reason for waking. SnugSheet™ prevents this because baby’s legs are snug inside the sleeping bag portion and the fitted bodice prevents draughts around the baby’s back.
  • SnugSheet™ is great for babies that are restless sleepers and who wake through bumping themselves on bed rails and walls or getting themselves into uncomfortable positions because they move about so much. With SnugSheet™ they do have some freedom of movement but they cannot thrash about and they cannot get into those uncomfortable positions.
  • With SnugSheet™ you can start a baby from approximately six months old in a normal single bed. Save costs on cots, baby beds, camper cots.
  • No need for multiple sets of sheets – SnugSheet™ is everything all in one.
  • No difficult transitions from cot to bed.
  • Very easy travelling – no bulky camper cots – just take SnugSheet™ and put it on a single bed wherever you go.