Restful nights a distant memory?


  • Frustrated with trying to encourage your baby to sleep through the night with little luck?
  • Functioning on half power because your baby or toddler wakes frequently during the night?
  • Want to encourage your baby to sleep on their back? 
  • And prevent baby creeping up in bed or down under the covers?
  • Is baby a restless sleeper, kicking off the covers and waking up cold?
  • Or waking up from bumping themselves or getting into awkward, uncomfortable positions?
  • Thinking about transitioning your baby from cot to a bed?
  • Or worried about your child falling or climbing out of bed?
  • Want to ditch that bulky camper cot when you travel?

If this is you then SnugSheet™ is your solution.

SnugSheet™combines a baby sleeping bag concept which is neatly sewn into its own fitted base sheet for added security and safety.

It allows your 6 - 30 month old to sit up (when they are able to) and enjoy some freedom of movement but it prevents your baby moving around the bed and it prevents them from standing up and falling or climbing out.

Here’s what others are saying about SnugSheet™

A magical product that I highly recommend! When my baby girl Torres could roll over onto her tummy I knew she was now active in her cot. Needless to say this was a wake-up call for me to do something. At 10pm I was on the internet looking on TradeMe for the Safe-T-Sleep as that was all I knew, until I came across the SnugSheet. As with any product I googled SnugSheet with particular reference to reviews and came to your website.

SnugSheet™ has been brilliant. We started to use it just as Lucy began moving around in her cot and waking up several times a night with her arms or legs through the bars, or her head bumped up at the top. After having had a great baby who slept through the night from quite early on it was a bit of a rude awakening for us (selfish parents who need their sleep!) We tried using a Safe-T-Sleep but found that she was fighting it more than sleeping peacefully.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for making such an amazing product available. It was recommended to us from a cousin and has been a godsend as far as helping our wee man sleep. He started using it at about 10 months and we went from waking every 3 hours to sleeping right through the night - all in a period of 2-3 days!!! Even his day sleeps are longer and more restful. He can move around when he wakes and I have even seen him kneeling up in his cot with the sheet on. I have been recommending it to all my friends with bubs and at my mothers group. Thanks again for a full nights sleep from our whole family. Anna, Carl & Kahurangi,
New Zealand


I wanted to let you know just how much we all love SnugSheet. Attached is a picture of Kiera looking happy in her bed. I have now been using the SnugSheet™ for over a month and think it is by far the best investment made. From the first day we used it Kiera slept all night for the first time, I have used it in the caravan, on a bunk bed in a cabin and at home and it is so easy compared with having to take a port-a-cot. Yesterday I made the mistake of washing both my SnugSheets and forgot to hang them out. When I got home late and realized I had no SnugSheet™ to make Kiera´s bed I had to do without, as a result Kiera woke at 3am and then again at 6.30am. Her normal routine since being in the SnugSheet™ is 9.30pm right through to 8am. Without a SnugSheet™ she had kicked off all the blankets and was cold. I now have the SnugSheet™ back on the bed. Lisa, Kieran and Kiera
Central Otago, New Zealand

What a fantastic product! My 11 month old son Neo slept cosy and comfy whilst I knew he was safe. No getting up during the night to extract arms or legs from bars or sooth crying baby cause he hit his head or woke up the other way round. We all woke up refreshed this morning - yay!!! So I would like to order another please!!! Thank you so much.Kim Stanbra
Whangerei, New Zealand

SnugSheet™ Aids in Making Restful Nights a Routine

Establishing healthy sleeping routines is a goal all parents aspire to. Lack of quality sleep has a profound impact – it can be hard on the whole family if your baby or toddler wakes regularly beyond what would reasonably be expected for the child's stage.

SnugSheet™ is a New Zealand designed and patented* product that builds on a concept popular in Europe

  • Start baby in SnugSheet™   at 6 months up to about 30 months (depends on the toddler's size).
  • Proven popular concept in Europe
  • Promotes comfortable, restful, safe sleep
  • Helps prevent falls from bed and injuries
  • Encourages baby to stay in the back sleeping position and helps prevent creeping down under covers
  • Baby is secure but has freedom of movement
  • Start baby early in a normal bed – no need for a series of cots
  • A cinch for travelling – no more camper cots!
  • NZ designed and patented*
  • Encourages healthy long term sleeping habits


SnugSheet™ provides a safe, comfortable sleep solution

SnugSheet™ allows a child aged from 6 months to 30 months to sleep comfortably and safely in a single bed without risk of falling out, kicking off the covers, wriggling down under any extra covers or hurting themselves on the sides of the bed or walls.

SnugSheet™ combines a standard single bed sized, fitted base sheet with a sewn in baby sleeping bag portion that includes a zip up bodice.

SnugSheet™ replaces both the normal sheets (top and bottom) on a bed. It fits over the whole mattress just like a normal fitted sheet.

Its soft, warm and comfortable and the child has a fair degree of freedom of movement and can freely move their arms and legs. Once able to sit your baby can sit up in SnugSheet™  but cannot stand up.

The child is held securely in place in the bed by the bodice so SnugSheet™ encourages babies to stay on their backs whilst asleep. It also helps prevent babies creeping or wriggling up and down in the bed and ending up under any other covers. With baby dressed in appropriate night clothes suitable for the temperature you should not require to add any additional covers.

SnugSheet™  also has some of the benefits of swaddling in that the child feels cosy, secure and 'held' by virtue of the slightly stretchy bodice– this is one of the reasons baby sleeping bags in general are effective. As baby gets bigger and develops more upper body strength they can sit up and enjoy some freedom of movement but they are not able to stand up.

No more “kicked off” covers with SnugSheet™

Once in a SnugSheet™, the child cannot wriggle down under the covers and is not able to kick off the covers which often results in waking from cold. They are protected from actually falling out of bed and from banging legs and heads against the sides of the bed or walls – another common cause of waking.

Many small children waking at night do so because they have become cold or they have managed to get themselves into an awkward and uncomfortable position.

And, it isn’t just for problem sleepers either

Many people choose to start their baby in SnugSheet™ at six months to encourage a healthy, sound nights’ sleep for the whole family.

Baby sleeps through - so do you!

HOW TO USE SnugSheet™

  1. SnugSheet™ fits a single sized bed and should be used on a firm mattress. Use your normal mattress protector under SnugSheet™ .
  2. Stretch SnugSheet™ over your mattress ensuring it fits properly under each corner. SnugSheet™ should fit over the mattress like a normal fitted sheet.
  3. Take the centre fastening strap underneath and around the mattress, draw it tight and tie in a double bow (a double bow will make it easy to undo). Ensure that you tuck the strap ends safely under the mattress out of reach.
  4. Dress baby according to the season and room temperature. Unzip the fitted bodice
  5. Place baby inside. Always put your baby to sleep on his or her back. This is the safest sleeping position for all sleeps - nightime and day time naps.
  6. Gently bring baby's arms through the arm holes and zip up. Allow for a little room and movement between baby's neck and the neckband.


Safety Instructions

  • Always place your baby down to sleep on his or her back, for naps and at night. Research has shown that back sleeping is the safest position.
  • Ensure baby's face is uncovered and that there is nothing in the sleeping space that could cover the face.
  • A baby should sleep on a firm sleeping surface. Use SnugSheet™ with a firm mattress not a thin one that bends very easily.
  • Dress your baby appropriately for the temperature. In summer, and if it is warm in the bedroom, wearing only a nappy inside SnugSheet™   should be sufficient. There is no substitute for parental supervision so check your baby once asleep to make sure baby is not too hot - especially in warmer weather. Adjust any clothing as necessary.
  •  Do not use pillows, soft toys, duvets and other unnecessary extra bedding in bed with your baby. Baby should sleep in a clear uncluttered space with nothing close by that could  inadvertently cover baby's face. If it is chilly and you feel you need to add an extra cover use a simple blanket that is large enough to tuck in fully on both sides of the mattress. Dress baby according to the season and room temperature to avoid overheating.
  • Never use an electric blanket or hot water bottle in bed with your baby.
  • Never leave the house when a child is in bed.
  • Never alter your SnugSheet™.